Fuck Doubt



FUCK DOUBT was taken from Steve Savalle's talk at Dash Bash 2021. He outlines his 12 Principles for Success, centered around being confident and not letting doubt control you. I picked a color scheme and fonts that accentuated Savalle's powerful yet approachable delivery that allows people from all industries to connect with his words.


The brief was to create a kinetic typography piece covering an inspirational audio piece, either spoken word or musical. Dimensions were up to creator discretion.

Project duration was one week from conception to final render.

Check out the Production Sheet

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Each frame went through many iterations that typically started with more graphical elements (left) and eventually developed into solely typographical frames per what the project required (right). It was a challenge to leave behind the comfort of graphic and illustrative elements, but it was fun to practice and benefited the piece in the end!


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